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Can You blame a girl for falling?

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fall, girl, fall
Falling #1 [23 May 2008|11:12pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Falling Story #1 

Can you blame a girl for falling?
“All is fair in true love and gym class,”
she claims as she runs out onto the muddy,
rain soaked soccer field.
Her friends laugh at her excitement,
“It’s only gym!” they shout but it falls on deaf ears.

The teams are made, the whistle blown,
the game begins.
With seven kids on each team
they are still uneven.
The rest stand around, uncaring
while the game becomes
two boys vs. one girl,
she’s getting frustrated.
He’s got the ball,
she runs and slides,
taking him down with her.
The ball bounces away,
they just laugh
covered in mud and suddenly
very interested in each other.

Can you blame a girl for falling
for the guy she made fall for her first? 

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another falling story [24 Feb 2007|11:24am]

Can you blame a girl for falling?
When you pour her with kisses, 
call her each and every night
to tell her everything's gonna be alright.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
Not when you smile like that
and brighten up her world,
telling her you love her without a single word.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
When you snake your arms around her
causing her to feel each heartbeat,
each breath, that knocks her off her feet

Can you blame a girl for falling?
So fast, so unsure, so carelessly
throwing all doubts away, taking the risk
just to finally allow her heart to find some peace.

fall, girl, fall
[24 Aug 2006|12:19am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

My first post to this community (or any community for that matter). Also this is based very loosely on a real life experience.

Can you blame the girl for falling?

The attentions of an older man, middle-aged, aren't something a 20-year old girl-newly-woman would consider. She's never been told she's beautiful; that's only in the movies. He may not intend to get so deeply involved, but the naive innocence the young woman had, had to have reminded him of his own once-innocent youth. Made him want to believe he was never so badly scarred by another woman. Made him want to believe that he could love a woman half his age. Made him hope, wish, want to believe he wouldn't, couldn't hurt her. She was new to it all, showed an enthusiasm to learning everything he knew. She gave him way too much, way too soon, way too fast. But that was how she was. Can you blame the man for falling? For awhile he actually believed he'd be with her, wanted her, loved her. In doing so, she actually loved him, wanted to be with him. That's when he realized he'd made a mistake. He fooled her, inadverdently tricked her, by lying to himself. Damage done, took three months to end it. A slow, torturous crumbling of communication, trust, love. He pulled away, stopped the affection; a coward's way out. The 22-year old woman might as well have been thrown out the door, it might have hurt less. Now she thinks back, hindsight always being 20/20. She never knew that she had always known it wouldn't last. She wonders if he's tricked himself into thinking he's falling again. Maybe he's fallen for real now. Or maybe he's succumbed to his bitter past, to turn into his percieved self: a pitiful old man. As for the 24-year old woman-newly-girl, she looks forward to falling again, but maybe make a softer landing.

fall, girl, fall
[15 Jul 2006|12:29am]

[ mood | calm ]

I just wrote this, and although it is kind of a first draft, i really loved it, and decided to post it anyway. I hope you all enjoy it. I appreciate any and all comments.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
Maybe it was his eyes and his smile. They were never directed at her, but they still made her feel hypnotized. He never glanced twice at her, and she doubted that he knew her name, but the feelings grew, just the same.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
Maybe it was his talent. The glory she longed for, but he basked in constantly. He was the best, and they both knew it. It was the only common bond they shared. He was made for the spotlight, but she could never obtain it. She never was all that great.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
Maybe it was his charm. He was always surrounded and adored, but she was shunted to the side. People loved him, and he had more friends than a person could count. She, however, was alone. Nobody was ever there for her when she needed them.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
Maybe it wasn’t love at all. Maybe it was just desire. For things she wanted, but he received. She tried to fight it as hard as she could. This wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t want to love him. But she couldn’t control her emotions. It was inside of her, the voice in the back of her brain that would never shut up when she tried to silence it.

Can you blame a girl for falling?
No, she hadn’t fallen at all. It wasn’t him, she didn’t love him. She denied it, as much as she could, and eventually, she believed it herself. But she gave up trying to fight it. The surrender came the other day. That smile, those eyes. It was all she needed to fall back under his spell. And as much as she hated being there, she had no more energy to fight back. It was no use. She loved him.

Can you blame a girl for falling?

fall, girl, fall
my first falling story... [28 Dec 2005|05:31pm]

can you blame a girl for falling? when she never intended to do so in the first place?
and she's sorry too, you know. she didn't mean to. it was out of her hands. but she fell.
that was six bloody years ago. why can't you forget about it? she fell. but you fell, too.
now it's over. that's all there is to it. you know it's true.

can you blame a girl for falling? not when you fell for her too.
you can blame her for falling though, when, over and over again, she falls.
she fell for you on that fateful day you met in the dark hall.
fell when you asked her to be yours. fell when you broke her heart.
and that was six years ago. and still it tears her apart.

can you blame a girl for falling? when you never left her life?
you were always there, though not totally felt. but you were, weren't you?
that's why she fell again. after six long years. it felt like forever.
and yet she fell into your arms again. now you can blame her.
since she made the same mistake she did when she was just a 16-year-old girl.

can you blame a girl for falling? please do.
so she can finally pick the broken pieces of her heart from the floor.
finally say goodbye to the only one she's ever fallen for.
make her see how crazy it is to keep falling for you after six tedious years.
blame her, yes, but also make sure to wipe away her tears. erase my fears.

fall, girl, fall
blarmy [21 Dec 2005|08:34pm]

I wrote this up in about two minutes....I know its not that good, and that I am capable of better....but I needed to get my thoughts down for this story. Whenever I write a final draft for it, i'll be sure to post it on here!

Can you blame a girl for falling for something so nimble and perfect?

She was a surprise, full of fire, scars, hurt, and love. She needed something, yet didn’t know how it would come, or who it would come from. In my eyes, she was my Spitfire, I saw no flaws, I only saw the radiant beauty. Nothing or no one could stop me from loving her.

Can you blame a girl for falling for someone who left them in a trance from the smell they left on their pillow?

Describing her, her smell, vanilla sweet summer beach hearts stars. She was the stars in my sky, I was the oxygen in her lungs, we coexisted with each other.

Can you blame a girl for falling for someone who made them feel beautiful?

I love Spitfire.

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[13 Jul 2005|08:03pm]

Can you blame a girl for falling
When she had no intention to stay?
Because when everyone around her was smiling so broad
She felt dead on the inside.
So she plastered another lie on her face
And went on with her tainted life.
But the days she lived just felt longer,
It seemed the sun almost never went down,
The snow of january was still around in august.
She smiled so often and lied so much
That falling was the only way out of this hell.
So she took that one last fall off the edge
And never looked up, got up, woke up.
One liar down,
One million to go.

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[12 Jul 2005|11:26pm]

Can you blame a girl for falling when they were threatening to push? Because all she ever brought to them was misery. Well can you blame the victim for never smiling or lying when they asked if she was ok? The truth would have brought a expression she never wanted to see on their faces. And lying just seemed so easy, it was the only thing to do. But when she hit the ground and there was no one there to help her up and wipe the blood off her heart, she blamed herself. She never let anyone in and when no one knows the real you, no one can help the real you. So next time she falls, she'll let them win. She'll hold her breath until she hits the ground and when no one is there to help her up, she'll lie there until the next body they have pushed land atop her bruised soul.

First one ever, comments are love.

fall, girl, fall
[03 Jul 2005|11:27pm]



fall, girl, fall
The May Blitz [13 Apr 2005|01:40am]

Writer like a short story?

Writer like a challenge?

The May Blitz

fall, girl, fall
[22 Mar 2005|02:19pm]

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Comment with email address and I'll send it on it's way ASAP!

fall, girl, fall
[15 Feb 2005|12:13pm]

it has been said a thousand times before.
want a gmail account?
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fall, girl, fall
first story... [14 Apr 2004|05:05pm]

Can you blame a girl for falling?

its all she knew. taught at young age. she acted on it.let it slowly, so quickly, and ever so peaceful, she let it kill her. the first time hurt. she winced and bit her lip. the ,etallic taste of blood flooded her mouth. afterwards she took a deep breath , exhaled and watched the mirror fog. her eyes glazed. sge let them do it, even tho she had the conrtol to stop. she was living a false fairy tale. there was never a prince. only a wicked step mother , jealous king. no fairy godmother, nothing. it flowed the course of her veins and bloomed in her mind. and as it pollinated and grew, she saw the eyes. not like the rest. as she drew the line, she felt the hand. a god sent. "no woman no cry" he played the song at nite. they laid under the sheets. she shivered and convulsed, wanting only to run out adn eat the magic. once, in the woods she walked upon the realm. such beautiful creatures. teye reached for her, cried her name. beckoned her to join them =. dance. dance. winged beasts, naked bodies. shaor canine smiles. the finest wine. she adored them. ice woman. skin as lavender as its flower. eyes rose red. she pulled her close and whispered a melody. ice woman. she took her away into a garden. the earths limbs blankenedin frost. the ground frozen-yet fresh flowers grew right from teh bitterness. she brought her close. that beautiful creature with a heart shaped face-bug like wings. kiss me twice. one for love. one for hate. "i will find you again" she whispered to teh ice woman and the ice woman laughed, continuing the trail of their bodies. she awoke in the tub. --she screamed for the ice woman. he held her tighter. cries for the sweetest wines. greatest intoxications. kissing her he knew he loved her and she him, but shed ruin him. whispering "i love you"-she kissed him. AND RAN. old friends. "i need my dreams" she said to the voice. "i need my wonders. without them i will drown." the voice delivered and SHE RAN. up the trail, into the woods. her heart..alive again..eyes fire. she WALKED. the realm. they whispered amongst themselves and pointed her in the right direction. a hand to hold.the cold. ice woman. "i told you" she smiled to the ice woman. Ice Woman. "your here to stay" the garden of ice flowers. their veins intertwined in her mind. rose red eyes. he reached for her no longer there. they RAN. amongst the lilies and wild berries. too late. he told her she was perfect. she said she was a princess.
Can you blame a girl for falling?

sry 4 the typos guys

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[29 Mar 2004|05:51pm]

Can you blame a girl for falling?

My father, the wisest man I ever knew once told me that I was a vampire. He said it in such a vile way, one that reeked of his hatred and brought tears to my eyes. It was years later that I learned what he truly meant.

Through my sarcasm, my jokes, my fits of anger, tears and desperate grasps for attention I was simply living off of other people I had never found a true meaning of existance. All of my life I had been feeding off of emotions.

If someone felt hate I insisted to be hated. I needed that feeling of someone knowing of my existance enough to despise me. I strived for attention. I didn't care if people were laughing at me, simply because it was at me that they were laughing. I liked to make them laugh most of all though. it gave me an odd sort of rush.

And thats where love came into play. For you see; I'd never felt love. Not the real kind. i've had the kind of love you're obliged to feel towards your family but never the kind you see in movies or read about in books. I always wondered how it would be to have that gut-wrenching, heart stopping, butterfly kind of love and know someone feels that same way about you.

That was the main reason I fell in love with him. He was in love. No, not with me, but with her , you know, the one thats perfect. It was the knowledge that he could feel love for someone that really made me vling to him.

It was a silly, childish crush but the truest emotions I had felt in years, like jolts of extacy going through my body whenever i thought of him. It was so mysterious and soe pure, a secret i hid from the world. It was perfect, and yet he didn't even know I existed.

All I knew was him.

She was nothing special, just thin. I had never been thin, nor pretty, but then, I was flawed, and she wasnt.

When he held her hand it was me and I glowed. When he looked into her eyes, they were mine and I was perfect.

I never spoke to you. I never even learned your name, or age or favorite color but I managed to fall in love with you anyway. I knew more about you than she would ever.

this was written on the spur of the moment last night, while I was feeling particularly sleepy. Tis merely the ramblings of a delusional 14 year old girl....but eh...thought it was appropriate...

fall, girl, fall
[25 Mar 2004|04:20pm]

ok i dont know if this illegal here but im sry if it is..


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eh, like you care [20 Feb 2004|04:50am]
Everyone has a story, but noone takes the time to listen. Here is my story. I will open up to you. I will tell you my darkest secrets that I can not tell those around me. Why should a girl in a emocore band with 6 guys, a youth pastors daughter, a college freshman, a "good girl" go through trials and tribulations? Oh, let me tell you... all of the people who think I am perfect, open your minds eye. See what is within my heart. Here is an example of what I posted today...

Why don't you care about me anymore? Yes, you care about me in a way. The way a hookers client cares for her with no emotion or gratefulness of who she is. I knew we were going to do this, but not in that manner! I kinda liked how aggressive you were at first with just making the moves on me... but then it got old when I just wanted to kiss you sweetly and you wouldn't have it. I tried to pull away to kiss you gently, but you wanted it rough.

There isn't much there up to this point, but who knows where the story will end. It's my story. The story of my non-existant love life because of my harsh past. Read. Ask questions. Learn. Share.

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Can you blame a girl for Falling? [09 Feb 2004|06:36pm]

can you blame a girl for falling?
when she never expirenced love
this all happened so fast
it came down from above
can you blame a girl for falling?
when he looked at her that way
stared through her big brown eyes
and said she was worth every day
can you blame a girl for falling?
when he placed his hand in hers
promised to hold on tightley
so if ever trouble occured
can you blame a girl for falling?
she didnt know this all would end
he seemed to be so perfect
but the truth is easy to bend
Can you balme a girl for falling?
when she couldnt see ahead
Can you blame a girl for crying?
when the tears have already shed
Can you blame a girl for dying?
when her heart has only bled
she fell...
but can you blame her?
- Valerie

this is my first time. Please comment. tell me what you think.

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well...I tried [06 Feb 2004|03:49pm]

can you blame a girl for falling for boy who should be there?
can she be blamed for falling when he said he really cared?
they thought it was a sign, they thought this world was theirs.
but he soon found the exit and threw away his cares.
tragic? yes!
her heart was such a mess.
"how could someone so perfect do something so cruel?
did he not realize that he had my heart? could he not see I was under his rule?"
her heart was broken
not another word was spoken
but he returned and she took him back
she didn't know why she cut him any slack
she only wanted to keep him
so, she followed his every whim
but he left again, for another girl
this crushed her entire world
so soon though he returned
and still only for him, her heart burned
can you blame a girl for falling?

fall, girl, fall
[03 Feb 2004|01:58pm]

sorry i posted the belowe message in the wrong community!!!

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(first attempt, please be kind!) [29 Jan 2004|04:12am]
Can you blame a girl for falling when it was your whispered words and scorching touch that made her fall? (When you promised 'forever' and she blindly believed it to be the truth?) You put her on a pedestal, made her feel like a goddess, made her think of you as her soulmate.

You didn't tell her that soulmates are a fairytale and forever isn't as long as it seems, you didn't tell her that once you became her everything you were going to walk away. (And you didn't tell her that broken hearts don't heal.)

Can you blame her?

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