retaking (retaking) wrote in falling_stories,

Can you blame a girl for falling when they were threatening to push? Because all she ever brought to them was misery. Well can you blame the victim for never smiling or lying when they asked if she was ok? The truth would have brought a expression she never wanted to see on their faces. And lying just seemed so easy, it was the only thing to do. But when she hit the ground and there was no one there to help her up and wipe the blood off her heart, she blamed herself. She never let anyone in and when no one knows the real you, no one can help the real you. So next time she falls, she'll let them win. She'll hold her breath until she hits the ground and when no one is there to help her up, she'll lie there until the next body they have pushed land atop her bruised soul.

First one ever, comments are love.
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