Tiaaaaa (tiang) wrote in falling_stories,

my first falling story...

can you blame a girl for falling? when she never intended to do so in the first place?
and she's sorry too, you know. she didn't mean to. it was out of her hands. but she fell.
that was six bloody years ago. why can't you forget about it? she fell. but you fell, too.
now it's over. that's all there is to it. you know it's true.

can you blame a girl for falling? not when you fell for her too.
you can blame her for falling though, when, over and over again, she falls.
she fell for you on that fateful day you met in the dark hall.
fell when you asked her to be yours. fell when you broke her heart.
and that was six years ago. and still it tears her apart.

can you blame a girl for falling? when you never left her life?
you were always there, though not totally felt. but you were, weren't you?
that's why she fell again. after six long years. it felt like forever.
and yet she fell into your arms again. now you can blame her.
since she made the same mistake she did when she was just a 16-year-old girl.

can you blame a girl for falling? please do.
so she can finally pick the broken pieces of her heart from the floor.
finally say goodbye to the only one she's ever fallen for.
make her see how crazy it is to keep falling for you after six tedious years.
blame her, yes, but also make sure to wipe away her tears. erase my fears.
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