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Falling #1

Falling Story #1 

Can you blame a girl for falling?
“All is fair in true love and gym class,”
she claims as she runs out onto the muddy,
rain soaked soccer field.
Her friends laugh at her excitement,
“It’s only gym!” they shout but it falls on deaf ears.

The teams are made, the whistle blown,
the game begins.
With seven kids on each team
they are still uneven.
The rest stand around, uncaring
while the game becomes
two boys vs. one girl,
she’s getting frustrated.
He’s got the ball,
she runs and slides,
taking him down with her.
The ball bounces away,
they just laugh
covered in mud and suddenly
very interested in each other.

Can you blame a girl for falling
for the guy she made fall for her first? 
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